Healthy breakfast meals

So the truth is I had bought a box of eggs sometime last week, and never really got round to using them. I have five days to use them, and despite being lured by the smell of curry in today’s canteen (at work). I’ve stuck to the plan to use these eggs, and to take up the challenge of making anything but boiled eggs.

I’ve made two poached eggs on a bed of wholemeal toast, tomato, and avocado; seasoned by sea salt and black pepper. Despite having some reservations before, and during making this simple, but healthy breakfast, it was delectable.

My flatmate was rather impressed by my healthy dinner option, and so I thought I’d give you a quick run down on how I made the perfect poached egg.

You need:

2 eggs

1 avocado

10 cherry or plum tomatoes

2 slice of wholemeal bread

sea salt

black pepper


Take a pot and heat the water until you see small bubbles forming around the pot. Make sure it’s hot, but not boiling. If you’re like me and have had the eggs for a few days, then stir the water as you pour in the cracked egg quickly to avoid an egg disaster. Prepare your toast, with a bed of avocado and sprinkle of tomato. Set your timer for three minutes, and sift your egg from the pan onto your toast. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

There is nothing more fresh, light, and delightful than a beautiful poached egg, with sea salt and pepper tomatoes. Two of my favourite healthy breakfast ingredients by far.

It’s a world away from beans, eggs and toast, but it’s worth every second, and super easy to make. Give it a go… try something new, and tweet me your pictures over on Twitter.