A note to you from me…

It’s good to reflect and consider the person we want to become. For me sometimes that gets muddled up with what I want to achieve, but after taking some time out to reflect and make some bold declarations… I wanted to share with you a statement made by Jim Carrey as he spoke I a ground of graduating college students.


I know I often blog about heavy stuff, and I could change that. My books and other pieces of writing don’t generally reflect this. However, I don’t really want to, nor have the time to try be anyone but me. I’m so excited as my desk ask chest of drawers arrived this weekend. I’ve been out and (of course) bought another copper photo frame, which you may have seen on a video blog I made (check out my channel). I want to print out this quote to remind myself of the two choices I will face everyday.

Anyway, I hope this encourages you too!