Take a moment to appreciate

I’ve recently decided that Saturdays are Me days, which means out of the business of life this will be the day I take guilt free pleasure in doing what I want, and generally having fun! I think it’s especially important to do living in a city to full of life and constantly moving – As a writer (and a human) I also believe it’s good to be inspired and refuel, with the things that feed my soul.

Yesterday, whilst working on my secret project I stumbled across the beauty of these beauties.




I know it’s only trees to many, but it was such a beautiful day (albeit cold) and the budding signs of spring have returned to these trees I once called home. It’s good to take a moment and appreciate what you have, and far too easy to focus on what we don’t. I liked this photo that I stumbled upon Instagram this week.

(Apologies for the snapshot, but shout out to instagramer who originally posted this)


Tree’s and landscape often inspire me. I like images with words like the one above that remind, or motivate me to keep moving forward. If you have any pictures that inspire you, do share them below. Maybe this will inspire you to take a moment in this day to pause and reflect on something. Wherever this finds you I hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

Come back tomorrow for my post review on Pancakes from Oh Crepie Ltd.