Oh Crepe that was good

Some of my fondest memories as a child was making scotch pancakes (which I believe are similar to the North American pancake) with my mum, and sometimes at school. Usually enjoyed with a thick layer of butter on top, or a sprinkle of lemon juice with icing sugar. I’ve always been known for my obsession with sweet foods and cheerful delights.

Now I know that there is a a difference between pancake and crepes, but to be honest I have been confused by these in the past. Am I the only one?

Whilst I’m on the honest path I would also like to share my dislike for crepes that even a trip to Paris, last August, wasn’t able to fully convert me. It’s not that I haven’t eaten many crepes; it’s just I never felt much love towards them. Yes this is an odd thing to say as this is a crepe review, but I am only sharing this information after a recent sample of a new street food stall Notting Hill changed my heart.

I have been talking about reviewing this stall for a while now, but finally paid a visit to Oh Crepe Ltd – a budding new start up offering some serious competition for the finest crepe in London. Founded by 21 year old Sebastian And 23 year old James. I was inspired by their twist on the traditional french pancake, with a range of toppings from Kinder Bueno, Oreo, and Peanut Butter to name just a few. I of course went for the traditional Nutella, to compare a Waitrose version I had a few nights earlier. I have to say Oh Crepe won hands down, and I will certainly be going back to try their white chocolate and Oreo selection, which I believe to be their most requested combination.

If you’re in Notting Hill, or a fan of tasty treats then I highly recommend checking out Oh Crepe Ltd. It’s worth noting they’ve recently started to offer a selection of savoury toppings too.

You can check out their full menu here, and find them on Facebook too.

What’s your favourite crepe topping?