New year, new revelation

Dear my younger self,

It’s time, it’s time! Wake up! It’s time to rise up baby girl. The world hasn’t stopped. The day is fresh and it’s a new beginning. A new week, and for your 29 year old self it’s just turned a new year. A new year is like a new page in the book of your life. This is your opportunity to do something different, or to build upon something you’ve already been doing. Don’t miss this sweetheart. Do not stay sleeping to what’s facing you today. You have a shot at success and it’s right under your nose. The trouble I’m trying to warn you off is that your day to day life may look boring and mundane to you now, but it will only stay mundane if you fail to see it for what it is. The biggest mistake you can make in life is to chase the glitter, and miss the star. Like those little specs of glitter we used to play with during craft in school, we can be so attracted to the shine and colours of a lifestyle, or an image that we see other people sporting.  “If it looks good, and I feel good, then it must be good.” Wrong. So very wrong. We want the star, the good feeling, the happy marriage, the career, but we don’t want to put the effort or grow up and be responsible, which is to appreciate and be diligent with what we already have. As a wise man recently said, “The key to change is to do more of the same.”  (Steven Furtick)

If you spend your days chasing glitter, beautiful, you’ll miss the star. Don’t trade a spec of sunshine, for life time of sparkle. Take heart today, pick one thing and do it really well over and over again.

Much love,