If you like a lot of biscuit, join a club

Does anyone remember the catchy tune for CLUB biscuits? If you do, then you’ll recognise the tag line that I used to title today’s post. It’s just a quick one. I’m currently prompting myself up in Starbucks with a Carmel Macchiato (and oddly not a Toffee Nut latte). Starbucks white cups are bag. The red cups are being phased out. As a fan of Starbucks’s marketing efforts, and a shameful gold card holder I notice these things. However, before I go on a rant about Starbucks, and carmel drizzle I want to introduce to you my new book and club.

I “borrowed” this book from my dad’s bookshelf when home at Christmas. Dare I expose myself and reveal that I was originally attracted by the cover of the book. I have been keen to speak to writers and other creatives for sometime now. It played a hand in my move to London, but as of yet I haven’t found a club to join. It seems the bigger the city, the harder it is to discern which ones are worthwhile going too.

As I am currently developing my first novel I thought this would be a nice to get some perspective from someone further down the line. It’s early days and I’ve just started reading this. Maeve states from the outside that this is meant to be a journal for writers, and I am so excited to discover what looks to be invaluable advise layered within the pages. I feel like I’ve finally found my own club! Ok, it’s a book, but perhaps it will help me in my search to find a like minded group.

Have you read this book? Do you know of or would you recommend any writing groups in London?

I’ve also just finished reading T.D Jakes book Instinct, which I highly recommend. He also prompted me to search outside the parameters of what is familiar, to network with those who aren’t necessarily going in my direction. In other words, branch out and get to know people who are skilled in different areas. I guess he was encouraging me to be open minded, which in today’s world is a pearl of wisdom we can all treasure.

I’ve talked about different ideals, but equally helpful for writers, or anyone looking to grow from their current stance in life. We can’t do it alone. We’re built for relationships, and should try our best to value the variety of those around us.

Come back for my next post Friday where I will be reviewing food!