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Zara scarf love

This scarf. I love this scarf. I bought it November last year when I was in Oxford visiting a friend. Zara is my favourite shop, and the scarf had stolen my heart a few weeks before when window shopping in Westfield.

It was £20, but for this scarf I would have probably paid double. I don’t know if it was the tartan, or the particular combination of colours used, but I was just attracted to it.

I wore and took it with me everywhere I went. Outfits where planned around this one scarf. It the spring and summer time it was particular good to double up as a blanket (when on a picnic) or shall to keep the cool breeze off my shoulders. I spotted it everywhere I went. I’m pretty sure it was a best seller too. Zara stores were running out of this fine piece of… Scarf, and the lady had to bring one fresh out of the store room when I eventually ventured out of London for it.

This scarf has got so many comments from so many people over the past year, if I were Facebook, the comment section on this would be off the scale by now. (Okay slight exaggeration, but it would definitely be up there.)

Why am I writing about this? Well, besides a lovely guard on the train picking out my scarf in a sea of commuters and commenting on it, yesterday, which made my no ringing trip to be honest as I bundled up from the cold. I was also on a recent trip to Oxford Circus, (and of course in search of another scarf from this years collection that I like) when to my shock and slight disappointment my scarce and beautiful scarf was sitting on a stall, outside the store, for half the price?!?! What? I hastily looked other clues to see if this was the real deal. There were other scarfs too that I recognised from Zara. A half chequered, half tartan scarf that I know was part of last years collection. Is this this what happens to old stock? After weeks of trailing round shops, and no longer being able to buy online, how can it be that these are now found in abundance in a little sole trader stall outside the giant retail chain? Is this what happens in the world of retail? I couldn’t help feeling a little bemused by the whole thing.

Have you ever had the same or similar experience? I’d love to hear your stories. Comment below!

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