Trying to be my uncomplicated self

We can spend so much of our time trying to mould into somebody else, and it take so much of our energy to never actually reach that goal. Today I am embracing the beauty of something quite wonderful that is flourishing in my life. Today I am hanging out with me, and writing another letter to my younger self.

I love this quote:

IMG_5830.JPGI think there is so many influences that surround us that we often try to suppress ourselves unconsciously, our emotions, or our desires. We hear negative opinions, experience knock backs and question our ability to draw, create, or pursue a particular career path; and either give up or try and clone ourselves into the shape of someone we think to be successful. It’s crazy.

We grow up with so many misconceptions that we can be in danger of missing the beauty inside ourselves. I’m sure I’ve had moments of recognising this before, but moving to London, and experiencing all that I have in these past 18 months I am reminded that the very reason I made this move was to pursue my own journey of success. Now as the complicated humans that we are, I am growing to become more of who I truly am, and weeding out the feeble attempts of being anyone else. It’s an exciting adventure. Daunting at points, but I do want to urge my younger self to learn to accept being different as early as possible, and embrace the journey ahead. Find out who you are, and keep on learning. Don’t stop, and be careful which assumptions you make because life has a funny way of making you forget the most important things; which is to know what’s inside of you, and who you are.

Often many are bound by fear of stepping out in the circle of life they find themselves, and choosing to be uncomplicated, but darling there is no use trying to make the journey without rustling a few feathers. Now we don’t have to tell the whole world our hopes and dreams, there’s wisdom in protecting ourselves. Not everyone can handle our dirt, as my instagram picture tells us here. However, if you don’t allow yourself to be exposed to you, then you’re in trouble girlfriend.

 Side note: Today I am loving my new lipstick, and new salt and pepper coat from Zara. It’s feels like it’s about to snow in London, so I’m wrapping up with my favourite colour scarf from last years collection at Zara. Oh, and let’s not forget my home made toffee nut latte. If you’d like to hear me talk about this in person, why not jump over and check out my You Tube channel. It’s very early days, and I haven’t quite decorated my room yet, but I would love a thumbs up on the video if you’d like me to keep going. I’m sure it’s about to get super interesting as I film my steps in London, and beyond. Oh yes, there’s much more to come.