The truth about beauty

I know so many of us are surrounded by the pressure of performing to an image or an idea presented to us by the society and culture we’ve grown up in.

We grow up in our physical bodies with all kinda of challenges and influences trying to present, mould and change us. Sometimes we fail to see that in all of those things we have a choice, and often we can fail to differentiate between growing up in our bodies and maturing in life through our choices. We can’t stop our bodies from ageing, or circumstances of life from happening, but we can choose who we want to be and what kind of life we will live here on earth; through our thoughts and a series or decisions.

We may live in a society that wants the microwave option, but the truth is life doesn’t operate on that. Man can create microwaveable solutions, but they often don’t survive for more than a burst of time, or hold the same value as something that runs much deeper.

I’d like to draw your attention to the life span of a tree, and nature around us. I’m no hippy, but I can appreciate the beauty and strength of a well defined oak tree.

Did you know that even in today’s society man can create a fake diamond, but it cannot replicate the process of a pearl? The pearl is considered more precious because of it’s uniqueness. We spend energy, money, and time trying to hide our flaws, our interests, our talents, or gain approval and justification for the very things that make us unique and wonderful.

Dear younger self,

Growth is a process of life, and one thing I hope for is that you can see the value in your growing. I so hope that you understand that the beauty that you hold within is far greater than the facade you see presented before you across the media, society and culture. It’s good to aspire to be the best you can be, and make the most of what you got, but please don’t spend your precious time trying to fit the mould of someone else. Stop trying to get people to notice you so much that you scream like you’re in a bubble and no one can hear you. Stop prancing around trying to make them notice you. Instead look deep inside, and listen to yourself! It doesn’t matter what others hear, see or don’t see. It matters what you see and believe. Be brave beautiful; be all that you can be, and pursue yourself. You’ll notice that when you find yourself, all the other ‘stuff’ will naturally gravitate towards you. People will flock to you. That’s what makes the world stop, listen and join in with you.

Much love,

Your future self.
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