Real talk.

I just have to take a moment and get real for a second. This is another letter from my heart to my younger self.

Dear my younger self,

There comes a point in life when realise you are worth so much more than what you settled for. It’s time to get up and take action for we have one life. Trust me darling, it’s better for you to spend this one spreading love and joy, than fighting or falling over the trap of comparison. Choose to give love, than just to take love. For it’s the only real way to receive love back. Take a preference of trying over failing to try at all. It is better to go through the growing pains of life, and take some responsibility for ourselves to deal with the issues inside ourselves, than to wait for something or someone that may never show up. Trading an eternity of happiness for a quick fix now will never suffice.

#dearmyyoungerself #lifelesson #graceisallyouneed