My Hunger Games obsession

Oh my goodness. I’ve just watched part two of the Hunger Games, and I loved it! I put off watching the Hunger Games for so long because truth be told, I found it scary. I know, I’m a geek.

I watched the first instalment back in March, or May with some friends. It’s safe to say I now want to read the books, and starting with part 3 so I can see what happens to Peeta. I absolutely loved ‘the lovebirds’ of district 12; Katniss and Peeta. I am a sucker for a good love story, and find Josh Hutcherson way too cute in this film! As if that’s possible?

I am probably breaking a thousand rules in this post, and I know they always say the book is better than the film, but I happen to believe different.  I love books, however; I love them just as much as watching the movie (so long as it’s made well). I love watching movies because I find the good ones are extremely powerful in pulling you into a world where the make believe becomes believable. I love books because I get to create and write those scenes that I want to watch. It’s magical. Truly magical.

Okay, if anyone reads this they are most likely going to think I’m crazy, but this is an overspill of excitement from watching a fantastic movie on a spontaneous whim.

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games? Is anyone willing to spill what happens next? I want to know!

As you can probably tell, I’m not the most patient of readers. No one ever likes to let me in on the ending, but seriously I don’t mind. I’ll still enjoy it just as much±

I’m off to buy the books on Amazon! I’ll be back in a few months? 😉