First class down memory lane


There are many great stories that have come from my Christmas break in Scotland this year. I am currently travelling south on the 1pm train; Highlander Chieftain from Edinburgh to London Kings X. Thanks to a generous family member I am travelling First Class in both directions on this trip, and enjoying the luxuries of tea, wine, food and snacks for free! It sure does beat the 10hr Megabus journey, which I plan to never experience again!

Whilst on this fast train to London, with the biggest suitcase in history, we (my friend and I) decided to make the most of it by taking a double trip down memory lane, and watch 1987’s film Adventures in Babysitting.


I pulled the film from my old bookshelf back home. I loved the films from that era. Although, I’m slightly shocked about the fact that a I was less than two years old when this film was released. Apparently it ranked high on Rotten Tomatoes (78%), but I never understood their ranking because I loved this film.

For some reason my room felt like it was a treasure chest of goodies on this trip. I found two bags, and and a few extra books on top of Christmas presents and food that my mum shipped me home with.

I wonder if anyone else has this ever experienced the same when they returned to their family home after moving out? I couldn’t psychically take everything with me, nor did I want to. I like the idea of travelling light, and sometimes I like to take a trip down memory lane.

Oh the tea is coming, so I’ll speak to you later. 🙂