First class down memory lane

    There are many great stories that have come from my Christmas break in Scotland this year. I am currently travelling south on the 1pm train; Highlander Chieftain from Edinburgh to London Kings X. Thanks to a generous family member I am travelling First Class in both directions on this trip, and enjoying the luxuries of tea, wine, food and snacks for free! It sure does beat the 10hr Megabus journey, which I plan to never experience again! Whilst on this fast train to London, with the biggest suitcase in history, we (my friend and I) decided to make the most of it by taking a double trip down memory lane,…

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    Travelling home for Christmas dinner

    Monday 22nd December: Yes, this is me and my incredibly pretty bag travelling home for Xmas. I am so excited to be off for one whole week, and finally get to experience a Christmas tree and fairy lights. I haven’t quite managed to get my London home as festive as I normally would. Christmas Day: As Christmas Day comes to an end it’s been a whirlwind of a day! First I woke up later than usual to find out that my mum had already opened her presents without me. There was a definite role switch this year as I wanted to make tea before opening my presents. I’ve drank at…


    The truth about beauty

    I know so many of us are surrounded by the pressure of performing to an image or an idea presented to us by the society and culture we’ve grown up in. We grow up in our physical bodies with all kinda of challenges and influences trying to present, mould and change us. Sometimes we fail to see that in all of those things we have a choice, and often we can fail to differentiate between growing up in our bodies and maturing in life through our choices. We can’t stop our bodies from ageing, or circumstances of life from happening, but we can choose who we want to be and…

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    The art of scrapbooking

    Every year, around this time, I start to think about the next year and brainstorm a few ideas that I’d like to see come alive in my life next year. It could be a car, it could be a new laptop, or it may even be to go somewhere that I’ve never been before. Every year, around this time, I start to think about the next year and brainstorm a few ideas that I’d like to see come alive in my life next year. It could be a car, it could be a new laptop, or it may even be to go somewhere that I’ve never been before. Now, normally…

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    Real talk.

    I just have to take a moment and get real for a second. This is another letter from my heart to my younger self. Dear my younger self, There comes a point in life when realise you are worth so much more than what you settled for. It’s time to get up and take action for we have one life. Trust me darling, it’s better for you to spend this one spreading love and joy, than fighting or falling over the trap of comparison. Choose to give love, than just to take love. For it’s the only real way to receive love back. Take a preference of trying over failing…

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    Zara scarf love

    This scarf. I love this scarf. I bought it November last year when I was in Oxford visiting a friend. Zara is my favourite shop, and the scarf had stolen my heart a few weeks before when window shopping in Westfield. It was £20, but for this scarf I would have probably paid double. I don’t know if it was the tartan, or the particular combination of colours used, but I was just attracted to it. I wore and took it with me everywhere I went. Outfits where planned around this one scarf. It the spring and summer time it was particular good to double up as a blanket (when…


    My Hunger Games obsession

    Oh my goodness. I’ve just watched part two of the Hunger Games, and I loved it! I put off watching the Hunger Games for so long because truth be told, I found it scary. I know, I’m a geek. I watched the first instalment back in March, or May with some friends. It’s safe to say I now want to read the books, and starting with part 3 so I can see what happens to Peeta. I absolutely loved ‘the lovebirds’ of district 12; Katniss and Peeta. I am a sucker for a good love story, and find Josh Hutcherson way too cute in this film! As if that’s possible?…

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    Trying to be my uncomplicated self

    We can spend so much of our time trying to mould into somebody else, and it take so much of our energy to never actually reach that goal. Today I am embracing the beauty of something quite wonderful that is flourishing in my life. Today I am hanging out with me, and writing another letter to my younger self. I love this quote: I think there is so many influences that surround us that we often try to suppress ourselves unconsciously, our emotions, or our desires. We hear negative opinions, experience knock backs and question our ability to draw, create, or pursue a particular career path; and either give up or…

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    I am loving Bloglovin

    <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/13278817/?claim=wr5u73znd6q”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> I’m excited to be signing up to bloglovin this weekend, and taking part in their wonderful community. Can’t wait to fill you in on what’s been happening in my world. Grab a cup of tea, quick! I’ve got bags of things to share!!! 🙂 xox