Moving day



Yes it is finally here! I am moving, and I think I am becoming a pro in this area. This will be the third move in three months, and hopefully the last time for 2014. Having moved several times in the past few years, I thought I’d share three tips on how best to move.

1. Go through and pack properly – Yes, I used to through everything in a black bag before, as I wasn’t the most patient of person. I’m guessing you all know how to pack properly, and would never do this, but I have learnt that it’s worth taking time to create some boxes, and label them accordingly. It makes moving so much easier, and finding a particular belonging in the future possible.

Take the opportunity to strip away those clothes you don’t wear anymore, or those papers you no longer have use for. It’s good to travel light, this means have a purpose for everything you own, otherwise it will add extra weight that you really don’t need to carry.

2. Hire a van – It’s way cheaper, and less stressful when in control of moving your things. I wouldn’t have thought so before. I’ve moved things case by case before, on the tube, and via taxi. This week I decided to hire a van, and it was the best decision that I will now move differently in the future.

3. Eat, and drink well – It’s important to store up energy as we all know moving is a tiresome and draining task.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on my favourite dinner dish that will keep you warm and cosy on any winter night.