Fitness challenges

I have to laugh as I write this I am eating a chocolate truffle that was donated to our work area, by a kind colleague who recently returned from a trip to Brussels. I used to have a serious crush on chocolate ganache, but my question for today is this:

How wrong is it to go to the gym (during lunch) then proceeds to eat lunch and a box of chocolate truffles straight after, and be guilt free? I mean is that not what gym’s are for? Run fast, eat more?

Dear my younger self,

It’s a good habit to work out, dance, and eat healthy to stay healthy. When you get tempted in a few years to go eat that domino’s pizza, or Gulistan curry with your best friend after a 40 minute casual stroll on the treadmill, take her for another 40 minute run instead. That way you can work off this box of chocolate truffles in good time before you reach age 29. 

Kind Regards,

You’re crazy older self 😉