Fitness challenge continued

So today marks a new level in my pursuit to rediscover some sort of fitness level. I am just about recovering from the pain of my first step class of 2014. On Friday, I thought I was sick, when in actual fact my body was in shock from stretching muscles that clearly hadn’t been stretched in a while.

I have to say in spite of the pain, I forgot just how much I loved going to the gym. Going during lunchtime at work is pretty awesome too – It gives you way more energy than coffee (which is something I seriously need to cut down on).  As a former dancer; regular work-outs were the standard in my weekly schedule. Since moving to London this had significantly changed. You would think that it would be the opposite, with the many miles we commute everyday, but as I have discovered there really is no substitute.

So far I’ve discovered a few challenges since returning to the land of health:

1. Getting out of bed before 6 am to go before work, didn’t quite work out today. It turns out getting out of my warm bed, when it’s dark outside, has provided a greater challenge than I’d anticipated. Still, I shall will crack on and conquer tomorrow.

2. I find I keep putting chocolate and marshmallows in my mouth, and finding myself so full that I get tummy ache. I am considering putting up a sign in the use chocolate spot, which is too close to my desk, and inform everyone that the ‘usual’ chocolate spot has moved to the other side of the office. It’s a least a 1min walk, so it should be far enough away. 😉

What can I say… I’m a work in progress! 😉