A lesson from Mr DiCaprio on his 40th birthday

Hollywood’s most private celebrity. During this evening’s couch session, I watched a clip on Leo’s 40th birthday, which featured footage from when he was 17. He talked about how he faced rejection in the early stages of his career with casting managers overlooking his talent and making fun of his hair cut.

Leo went on to start in one of the biggest movies of our time; the Titanic. There are thousands of stories out there like Leo’s. The truth of the matter is anyone who does anything will face some kind of set back, or rejection. Those moments are not what define us. It’s what we do with them that will determine our future. Leo mentioned how ‘for a second he got discouraged’, but then he made choice to keep knocking on those audition doors.

(Happy Birthday Leo!! You don’t look any older).

Dear younger self,

Make sure you never stop dreaming, and do not get discouraged in the process. Every dream has a process, much like sowing a seed and waiting for it’s harvest. There is an in between stage, where you must continue to water that dream in the face of uncertainty and unseen. Don’t forget the importance of planting your dream in the right environment, and watering the seed, to see the growth you desire.

Much love

Leanne x