Growing pains

Have you ever experienced pain so deep that you had little space to think, or function beyond the prominent feeling of agony?

I was recently drawn into a moment of complete wilderness when I lost my job, a relationship ended, and lost my home within a matter of 6 weeks. I really didn’t know what to think, feel or believe, and the woman I knew, the happy, positive and self driven young woman had suddenly found herself in a place of uncomfortable, uncertain, and abandoned. Trying to make sense of it all took a greater amount of time than I expected, and only months after the pinnacle point of pain can I look back and see how far I have come, and how precious that break actually was. You see somethings have to be broken, in order to mend and grow healthy and strong.

If you’re into gardening, and I’m not. In fact I recently stayed in a room with a beautiful plant pot that was placed by the owner. I’d like to say I kept that plant alive in the month that I stayed there, but unfortunately I only got round to watering it around once or twice (which is another post in itself. How often do we really water and nourish ourselves, the relationships in our lives, the things we have to hand to make them grow healthy). To keep a plant alive, there is a certain amount of pruning that must take place during the course of its life. This is where a branch is broken off to make room for new growth, and to maintain life within the rest of the vine. It’s essential to keep the rest of the vine and branches alive. This can often resemble the seasons in our lives.

I have learnt so much through each of the said situations that I now see the valuable in all that took place. Even though I still wish I made different choices along the way, I now have a greater understanding, which effectively pushed me to grow. I thought I said yes to growth when I moved my life 500 miles to the other side of the country, when indeed I learnt that growth would be a daily option that would continue to push me further out of my comfort zone.

Often when we feel pain in our lives we can try to mask it up, by pushing it deep down inside attempting to ignore it, or over compensating for ourselves through other extreme behaviour. This my friend only delays the process, so let’s take the risk and embrace the uncomfortable, and come out taller, healthier and more fruitful on the other side.

 Lee x

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