Wind, freefall and parachute

I’ve never been sky diving before, and I’ve never really wanted to either. I’m happy to go a plane, but if you ask me do I want to jump out of one. The answer will most definitely NOT, you crazy person!

Still, I do love this beautiful multi coloured parachute…

The closest I’ve probably come to an extreme sport is zip wiring down a 25ft creek. Back in high school I went on a team building weekend to an outdoor activities centre. I still remember the fear of the unknown and terrifying fate that awaited me as I stood 25ft up, on a rock that I was about to glide off  from, with nothing but a harness and a rope to cling on too.

Life can be much like those risk taking events. One minute your standing on a rock, safe, secure and happy; and the next you are being pushed off a cliff into free fall.

I guess both situations can feel very scary, even if you purposely decide to jump out of a plane, or off a cliff for fun. One thing is for sure it is better to do either within the safety of a parachute, or a harness. The consequences of doing either without would be foolish, right?  The truth is both require elements of risk. We must come to understand that it’s not so much whether we choose to take the risk to jump, but whether we do it within the safety of a harness, or with no thought or safety net in place. I know which one I’d prefer.

There have been situations in life where I have seemingly jumped head first without thought, and some where I have taken time to process and think through my decisions. Some work out, others don’t. What happens when we get thrown of course after we made the decision to do something at a risk, and it ends so suddenly? We could get bitter, we most certainly be hurt, but I have come to find that the beautiful side to taking a risk to love someone or go after a dream is to appreciate and celebrate what it was to be brave, and even if it doesn’t go the way we planned; remain hopefully that whatever happens next time I will jump again, and I will do things differently, and I will wear a better harness. There is beauty to be had on the other side of that jump/risk. It’s the worst pain in the world to feel rejected by someone that you love. However, I refuse to let my life become a bitter experience where I stand on the rock. You can witness some amazing sights by standing on a rock, or looking out of the plane; but there is nothing quite like taking that step of faith, and experience the beauty in the free fall, with your parachute in place to swoop you into the air and escort you down gently.

Suddenly those overwhelming thoughts of fear (adrenaline) pumping through your body, as you begin to take that step of faith in an unknown situation, quickly fade.

There’s a verse in the bible that says, “If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.” I paraphrased, but it’s basically saying if you want to live extraordinary then you must be willing to do extraordinary things, and not conform or compare to how we think something should, may or could go.