Little drops of heaven…

I have become obsessed with Gail’s Bakery now for almost two months. Since sampling these little drops of heaven at work, I haven’t been able to stop eating them.

Roasted pepper, feta and olive brioche
Roasted pepper, feta and olive brioche

Originally brought in for a meeting, I stumbled across these unbelievably scrumptious bites during an after meeting crawl; which is basically when everyone who wasn’t in the meeting folks to the kitchen to check out the left overs. Yup, I was that crazy woman. After no lunch, and two bites of the tomato, goats cheese and olive option, I was so hooked that I made three unashamed trips to the kitchen. The woman who sat adjacent from the open planned kitchenette looked over and smiled as I cringed that I had been caught scavenging.

Since that experience, I have continued to make regular trips into my local bakery to indulge in their leek & goats cheese quiche that I can only describe as mouthwateringly delicious. I hate quiches that are too eggy and taste more like scrambled egg incased within pastry. On the other hand, I love a good quiche that is rich in good flavours, veg, and holds the right mix and texture; without being overpowering.

If you ever get a chance to experience the wonder of this beautiful bakery, then make sure you do.

*I should also say that I was not paid to say any of the above, and in fact I was pleasantly surprised to discover these magnificent delights were from Gail’s in the first place after a rather not so impressive experience a mere 6 months earlier, in their Chiswick store.